Tuesday, April 13, 2010

iPhone to HTC Hero, will it be back to the iPhone?

The little device was my life. I bought it with all my saving. It was the iPhone 1.0 bought from the "not so white" market :) 2 years ago.

I have enjoyed it thoroughly but lately it made me feel reaaaalllllyyyyyy old as I was being proclaimed to have an acute case of loss of hearing. As a result my hair started turning greyer...errrr "not so black". The iPhone has a problem with the speakers!!! Did they ever fix that ;)

Anyway, with a heavy heart i had to decide to take on another phone. Nimish knew how to do the trick. He showed me HTC Hero - an Android phone - the earth shaking innovation from Google. Next i heard that he is looking to give it away and wallah... it landed in my lap.

And what a phone. Its beautiful, light, compact, customizable desktop, very good touch screen, a few more menu buttons, verrryyy nice apps. I am enjoying it, looking to start building some apps for it now.

Before signing off, let me be honest, Sachin flaunts his iPhone 3.1 everyday and it still often manages to take my breath away. Not all that flexible but its visceral design if captivating - a woman can be lured by a diamond but i can be lured by the iPad :)

Have a great day.

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  1. I lead a simpler life.All that a cell phone is expected to do is make two people talk to each other. For me only two features in a set are important.

    1....GREEN SWITCH, to say hello.

    2....RED SWITCH to say bye.

    All other feature are ok for Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar.