Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Passport verification

We often blame the system for everything!!

In our EPP refresher last week the facilitator - Shalini - said you have no right to say anything if you cannot take action yourself. I should not claim to be a good citizen if i throw garbage on the roads!!
We do it that once because there was garbarge lying there anyway...because there was no dustbin around...till when will i carry the garbage with me...we have enough excuses.

So we blame the system, we get frustrated and we say NOTHING can happen to this country.

Almost all philosophies say - You yourself be that one change that you want to see around you.

I am a resident of Gurgaon, Haryana, India!
I submitted my passport a few months back for renewal. Charged by my father's enthusiasm and energy i said "Why cant i too get this done myself". So the journey began... :)

3 months passed by finally we got a call for police verification. The inspector actually called and informed about the documents they wanted. The inspector came at 8:15 in the evening - i asked him why so late - and he said people are working, they are home in the evenings, so we try and work this around their time!!
It is a compromise on their family time! But they are willing to do it.

We do see a change around us.
Are we willing to accept those few instances and change ourselves, or should we still keep blaming and bashing the system?

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  1. Systems are put into place for effective governance. If your case has been handled to your convenience, it is because there are people who keep bashing the system for it to start working.Recent corruption, scams speak enough about the state of affairs.
    Incidentally, did you tip him when he came in for verification?